Case Study: Increased organic growth in 1 week

We’re proud to be working with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Read here to see how we’re increasing organic growth through the power of Polls.
Picture of Adam Weinstein
Adding Polls to ThriveFantasy helps our users engage with friends outside of the platform, driving organic growth.– Adam Weinstein, Founder/CEO at ThriveFantasy
Picture of Abe Storey
Polls are a super creative way to get users sharing your content with their friends.– Abe Storey, Founder/CEO at Entri

Company A

Company name and details have been anonymized for confidentiality.


Company A was spending too much to acquire new customers through social media marketing (targeted ads and contests) and wanted a way to increase word-of-mouth growth to lower its average cost of user acquisition (CAC). They experimented with a referral program but it reduced the margins they received on new bookings.


Polls worked with Company A to integrate Polls into its favorites list so that users could send listings to their friends to decide what to book with just 1 tap.


Company A had a specific trip-oriented favorites list so they added the ‘Create Poll’ button to their trip list and opted for the poll to be created automatically, with no “filter” screen needed, for the most frictionless user experience.


Company A’s engineering team was able to integrate Polls into their UAT environment in a single day. The feedback they received was so positive that they went live with Polls the next week.


Metrics are very early for Company A but they are very pleased with the results so far, their CMO called it, “Excellent marketing tool for Company A and beyond! I’m a fan.”