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Polls are inherently social - they are designed to be shared with friends which increases virality for your brand. Each poll acquires 2 new customers.
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Polls are highly engaging - over 40% of users sent a poll participate and are pulled back onto your platform.
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Social validation is extremely powerful - getting input from friends makes customers more confident are are 5x more likely to buy.

How it Works

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loves polls

People share polls to make decisions about everything:
Which dress should I get
for Shannel’s wedding?
Which restaurant should we
book for tonight?
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Go live in 1hr
Adding polls to your website or app is easy. Get up and running for your users in a single day.

Risk Free Pricing

Only pay for new users that are added through a poll.
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Only pay for results
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No Start Up or Monthly Fee
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Guaranteed reduction in CAC by 20%
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Why Polls Work

Read why your peers (and competitors) are benefiting from using Polls to turn their existing users into a powerful growth engine